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The New Foo Fighters Song About Taylor Hawkins Is The Band's Best In Years

Rich Fury. Getty Images.

We're officially less than a week away from the Foo Fighters' return to the road, with a massive Summer full of dates kicking off in New Hampshire on Wednesday, and the band's got a couple new singles from the upcoming record 'But Here We Are' out right now that are TREMENDOUS! 

There's 'Rescued', released a few weeks ago….

….and 'Under You', released yesterday….

Obviously, this will be the first Foo Fighters album since the tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins last March - and the latest single is very transparently about the late drummer….

I don't know how Dave's gonna be able to sing that second verse live without choking up. That's some heavy stuff.

Despite those heartbreaking lyrics - the band brings an energetic, positive, upbeat sound reminiscent of 'There Is Nothing Left To Lose' or 'In Your Honor' to the table here, and it makes for their best track in years. From the scratchy guitar tone that kicks things off, to Dave's tight but aggressive drumming and super emotional singing, to Nate Mendel letting loose on bass - it's a perfect Foo Fighters song. Probably my favorite track from them since 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood'….

'Rescued' has that same mid-00s Foo sound to me, full of powerful guitars and compression, and these songs have me primed and ready for this album (out on June 2nd) to be an absolute masterpiece.

'But Here We Are' is dedicated to both Taylor Hawkins and Dave's mother Virginia, who passed last Summer….

….so I think it's safe to say we're also in store for a lot of tears, but from what we've heard so far - this is going to be Dave Grohl at his best, baring his heart and soul out for all to hear, and I can't wait to hear the full album.

P.S. It's still unclear who the Foo Fighters new touring drummer is going to be. Dave Grohl is drumming on all the studio stuff, but no announcements have been made about who's hitting the road with them. If I had to guess, it'll be Josh Freese, but who knows. It may even be a rotating cast, which would be pretty sweet.

P.P.S. If you're gonna be at one of these upcoming Foo Fighters shows, send me videos on Twitter! I love this band and I'll take all the Foo content I could get.