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Charles Barkley Telling The Story Of "The Only Drunk Game" He Ever Played Proves He Was The Consummate Professional

If you haven't gotten a chance to watch/listen to Chuck on the latest episode of Chiclets yet, I highly suggest spending the next couple hours of your life changing that. But if ever there were 2 minutes to fully explain the difference between the NBA of today and the NBA of the 90s, this is the one. 

It's not like Charles Barkley being a total beauty should be a surprise to anyone at this point. It's been well established for decades now that he's one of the best personalities to ever come through professional sports. But this story might solidify his spot on Mount Rushmore. 

This man went out and played a game in the NBA whilst being drunk as shit. Not hungover. Not after having a drink or two. But after spending MULTIPLE hours at the infamous TGIFridays on City Line Avenue. There are legends of people cramming an entire month's worth of drinking into just 30 minutes at that Fridays, and Chuck was there for at least a few hours before finding out he'd be playing a game later that night. He had to be absolutely obliterated at that point. 

Do you think for one single moment that he'd just choose to not show up? That he'd use being drunk as shit as an excuse to not perform? Not a damn chance. Because Charles Barkley was a professional, and he knew that his profession was to get his ass out there on the court and play some ball. 

Nowadays you have guys in the NBA taking nights off just because they're a little sleepy. Because they played too many games in a row and their poor wittle bodies are tired. If this story happened in 2023, Charles Barkley would have taken the next 17 games off because he would have gotten his feelings hurt over the Sixers going back on the deal. 

But it was a different time, and Charles Barkley was a different breed of athlete. Next time you see someone sitting out of an NBA game due to "load management", that son of a gun better be blackout drunk. 

P.S. -- I'm sure Chuck has told this story a thousand times before. Doesn't make it rule any less.