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Dear Gator Fans, Can't We All Just Get Along?


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As I sit here and try to type out a compromise to the greatest fan base on earth, I am stuck with a sad reality. WE ARE TOXIC. I try to proclaim myself as the biggest gator fan on the planet but Scooter Mcgruder (probably his birth name) would challenge me for that title immediately. 

Gone are the days where going into the summer we (fans) knew that we had a juggernaut returning in the fall to challenge for the reigns of college footballs best team. Now (according to Twitter fingers) we are hoping to finish second in the SEC East where finishing 2nd would mean instant failure. And with losing comes complaints and anarchy. 

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I must take some blame for being apart of the toxic nature that has become Gator Twitter. Last year after watching the greatest football program in the history of college sports lose to Tennessee in Knoxville, I fell in love with the Volunteer FANBASE. NOT the team, but the fans. I want Tennessee to go 0-11 every year but the fans are so damn dope! And not to mention the women in the fanbase do wear the hell out of sundresses and leather skirts (get back on topic Josh before the Barstool commenters bash you about loving southern women). But yes I let gator nation down by wearing rival colors, which I probably won't stop doing because they LOVE ME AS A GATOR.

Now aside from me and my treacherous ways, the fanbase (at least online) is as torn as its ever been. 

Probably the most knowledgeable Gator fan as well as sports guy on twitter who goes by the handle @tblack has come under fire for making very realistic statements about where we are as a team and fans often react in a argumentative way. I watched one of the greatest Florida gator players in the history of the program get harassed and bothered because of a highschool player that he happened to be coaching choose the Colorado state seminoles over of the university of Florida. WE ARE LOST!

We probably have more coaches on our staff than Nick Cannon, Future and Dracula have kids, and yet our fan base is out for blood in regards to our first year head coach who by the way may be the best hire we've made since Urban Meyer. As a Gator fan I have had to watch Derick Henry be told by a coach who shall remain nameless that we wanted him as a linebacker. I've had to witness a coach with teeth the color of Michael Jordan's eye balls tell a room full of reporters that losing was "pretty cool". When was the last time your favorite college team lost to a college team that didn't complete a pass the entire fucking game? 

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Gator nation, we have seen the worst of times. We've been at the top of the mountain. The one thing that we have never lost was our arrogance and togetherness. I know it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is far away but its not. We might have the best cornerback duo in college football in marshal and Moore. We have a back field thats stacked to sky. Our head coach is careful and precise. The only thing that seems to be missing is US vs Them. And who's them? ANYBODY THAT AINT US! GO GATORS.