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This Instagram Account Is Using A.I. To Create The Most Beautiful Women Ever And I Think I Am Ready To Take The Blue Pill Now

Fellassss.....I was scrolling through my instagram explore page yesterday and this woman popped up on my screen. Naturally, I checked to see who this goddess was and come to find out...it's nobody. Completely fake. Artificial Intelligence created this woman out of thin air/1s and 0s. In my opinion...the perfect combination of 1s and 0s. This instagram account is nothing, but computers designing images of women that are completely fake, but take my breath away in reality. 

AI and instagram's algorithm teamed up to know my type better than I do. Apparently it's old money class and perfect female form. Something left to the imagination. A girl so rich and beautiful that I wouldn't be able to get within 20 miles of if she existed in real life unless I got a chauffeur's license. 

Women so gorgeous that if someone offered me a blue pill that would transport me into one of those Matrix's vats of goo operated by AI Robots I think I'd probably say yes. I mean what am I ever holding on to in real life anyways? Get me to an alternate reality that includes women like this and sailboats and I'll live out my days decaying in blissful bullshit. 

I remember reading a quote on of those bullshit instagram quote accounts (another thing the algorithm feeds me) Dostoyevski that said something like if the only thing man had to worry about in a truly utopian world was eating cake and having sex it'd be so boring that the first thing we would do would be to find a way to ruin it. I can't find the exact quote, but that is directionally correct. I don't think Dostoyevski thought the women available, even if fake, looked like this. Give me that blue pill and I will run the experiment for a year and get back to you.