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Bonanno Mafia BOSS May Be Headed Back To Federal Prison For Discussing Tomato Sauce On Phone With Another Mobster. Yes You Read That Right

As the world turns in the Mafia in 2023. I blogged a couple months back about the mess going on in the Bonanno Crime Family right now.

The current boss of the family is a lunatic by the name of Michael "The Nose" Mancuso. As I discussed in this above blog, he is drunk with power recently allegedly ordering assaults at funerals, etc. Michael is no stranger to prison. He went to prison in the 80's for manslaughter for killing his wife as well as serving 15 years in the 2000's for being involved in setting up the murder of a construction worker and Bonanno associate named Randy Pizzolo for his boss at the time Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano. The reason for the murder was allegedly the fact that Pizzolo was spouting his mouth off about the family and Vinny Gorgeous was tired of it. It ultimately came out during the testimony of Joseph "Big Joe" Massino who decided in the mid 2000's to flip on his entire family as the boss at the time. Until that point no boss had ever betrayed the oath of the Mafia and flipped. 

Michael Mancuso was released in 2019 and as customary with the federal prison system, you are generally given a term of supervised release:

Supervised release provides a period of restricted freedom for recently released prisoners (often between one and five years). A federal judge will set the supervised release term (duration) and conditions at the time of sentencing. Although not mandatory for most crimes, judges impose supervised release in approximately 75% of cases.

During supervised release, the defendant must abide by the conditions of release and be supervised by a probation officer. A former prisoner who violates the conditions of supervised release may be sent back to prison, potentially to remain there until the end of the supervised release term. The judge retains jurisdiction over a defendant's supervised release and will make decisions regarding early termination (for good behavior) or modification or revocation (for violations).

It's essentially the probation system for the federal prison system. One of the terms that can't happen is associating with other known felons. So Mancuso had to avoid consorting with fellow mobsters and felons plus a variety of other things. He didn't as on March 9, 2022, The Nose was arrested and is under investigation for violating the terms of his supervised release by associating with members of organized crime. 

We recently got some interesting phone conversations from Mancuso to different mobsters. The conversation that may do him in is a discussion with a man called Michael Uvino, reputed member of the Colombo Crime Family and a friend of Mancuso's. Uvino was arrested by the FEDS in 2021 on a racketeering case. 

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday revealed a secretly recorded phone call during which reputed Bonanno crime family kingpin Michael "The Nose" Mancuso may have chatted with a fellow gangster about his dinner plans for the following day.

“You gonna do the gravy today?” Mancuso, 67, asked.

Reputed Colombo family soldier Michael Uvino, 57, responded that he'd "make the sauce in the morning."

So The Nose may get sent back to the FEDS for not talking about bookmaking or arson or murder but if another member of the Mob was going to have sauce made today or tomorrow confirming his consorting with felons. It's alleged also:

That show Mancuso and other organized crime figures attending birthday dinners at Salvatore's of Elmont on Long Island on Oct. 7, 2020, and at Patrizia's restaurant in the Bronx on Oct. 24, 2020.

Just another day in the Mafia in America in 2023. 

As Prop Joe said in the Wire regarding phone calls when involved in major organized crime: