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The New Conor McGregor Documentary On Netflix Is Must Watch

The new four-part Conor McGregor documentary, entitled: 'McGregor Forever', dropped all at once this morning on Netflix. 

I'm two episodes in and ready to declare this a MUST WATCH - not only for Conor McGregor fans, not only for MMA fans, not only sports fans, but for EVERYONE. Getting an inside look at the life of someone as famous and on top of the world as Conor while he experiences his darkest moments, setbacks, and injuries is just unbelievably captivating. 

This docuseries picks up where the 'Notorious' movie from a few years ago left off, and 'Episode One: Bad Blood' focuses entirely on the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight and build up. You see the moment his injured his foot a few weeks out from the fight, how it was dealt with in the immediate aftermath, how angry and hostile the whole camp is, and how much his team worried about and disapproved how personal the rivalry got. It's pretty wild to hear.

They even cover the whole fight and post-fight brawl, and show you McGregor in the locker room after the loss, which was as personal and heartbreaking as footage in this sport could get....

That is the lowest of lows right there. Complete and total anguish. Until Conor Jr shows up to cheer him up....

From there, they take you into the Cowboy "tune up" fight (and he calls it as much in the doc) - where in the lead up to that, Conor performs his court ordered community service at a church in Brooklyn, injuries his hand while sparring, re-injures it trying to work out too soon post-op, and then gets back on track. 

McGregor's kids are just constantly making hilarious/adorable comments like this, as well….

Seriously, though - this documentary is so well made that it'll work for anybody on a pure entertainment level. Going with the longer series format over the solo doc like last time was a great call as well. I can't wait to get home from work today to finish off the last couple episodes.

We'll be talking a little more in-depth about this LIVE on the Spinnin Backfist Show at 2pm ET today - so make sure to tune in and join the chat to discuss with us!