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We Got Ourselves A Good Old Fashioned Soccer Fight Full With Slaps And Kicks During The Southeast Asia Gold Medal Game

1:40 for the fight

Ahh, there it is. The soccer fight that we've become far too used to seeing. A bunch of kicks, slaps and dudes running all over the place. I just want to see one true brawl. Throw a punch. I mean a real punch, not a round 3 fat guy Rough n Rowdy tired punch. This is Indonesia vs Thailand for the gold medal at the Southeast Asia Games, prestigious as prestigious gets. I admire the fact the fight started because of celebrations:

[Source] - The first brawl was sparked when the referee blew his whistle close to full time and Indonesia's players and coaches celebrated thinking they had won the game 2-1.

The whistle was in fact for a free kick, from which Yotsakorn Burapha scored an equaliser which triggered violent clashes between the two benches.

That sent the match into extra time but Indonesia were soon back in front, sparking another flurry of shoves, punches and kicks between coaches and players from both sides which stadium security were forced to break up

Punches? I don't see any punches. Even the guy who gets knocked down in the background appears to be from a shove. I see a lot of kicks, which, hey I get. We're talking soccer players here, they are used to using their feet. But you gotta fight for respect here. You gotta fight for the gold medal. If you're going to scrap, I want to see a real scrap. I know, even in soccer, a team should have an enforcer. Where's he to lay someone out? And if you are going to kick someone you gotta do it the way the assistant coach or whatever is doing. Hold the shirt like a hockey fight and start kicking. 

That said, I do love the goalie going for the slaps with the gloves on. You have an advantage, use them! You ever catch a goalie glove in the face going for a header vs a punch out? Doesn't feel great, especially on a cold day. Smart from the keeper here, basically the opposite of football guys who punch at helmets. 

Indonesia vs Thailand. Southeast Asian soccer rivalries never sleep.