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Draymond Green Told Stephen A. Smith That If He Didn't Punch Jordan Poole In The Face, The Warriors Would Still Be In The Playoffs

When you listen to this clip, I think someone told Draymond to say slippage a lot because not one human being has said slippage that much. Uh no duh Draymond, you punched your teammate in the face before the season started when you are supposed to be a leader. That will usually create some turmoil in the locker room, especially if the guy you punched was a very key player to your success and helped you win a championship last year. 

Draymond was basically just spouting out a ton of excuses though, saying that they didn't really talk about it for 5 months and just let the situation play out until he felt like himself again in February. What about Jordan Poole? I am sure he thought everyone was talking shit about him and that's probably why he absolutely sucked in the playoffs this year. 

A lot of fans think that this stuff doesn't matter in sports since they are professionals that will get over it and become friends again once everything blows over. But a lot of teams don't even hangout out because it is like hanging out with your coworkers. You are never going to like every single person at your job but you deal with them when you show up to work.

I think the Warriors are going to keep making excuses and give other reasons why they lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs, but they just lost a step this year. Steph was unconscious but Klay looked awful, Draymond is getting older, and they seem to be missing a piece to tie it all together. I know that's crazy because they won the title last year. But I don't think they lost just because Draymond punched Jordan Poole in the face during the preseason.