'This Is The Best Day In San Antonio History' - This Jackass Ruined Any Good Things About The Spurs Landing Victor Wembanyama

Alright, this is it. This is where I draw a line and now hate that the Spurs got Wemby. This jackass screaming it's the best day in San Antonio history. I'm sorry? You've won FIVE NBA titles since 1999. You've been alive for all their titles. You had Tim Duncan in 1997. I know everyone likes to talk about Victor being the best prospect since LeBron but, uh, Duncan was pretty high up there too! 

I typically have a soft spot for the Spurs because Ginobili is my guy. A lefty - there are dozens of us - with a sick hairline just flying around. I always loved him. But, now I'm starting to regret that soft spot. I can't have Spurs fans acting like the goddamn Cavs pre-LeBron or the Magic. You're the Spurs! You're one of the, what? Five most successful franchises in the NBA? It's basically the Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Bulls and Warriors. 

I get being excited. I get you got the lottery ball for the next possible superstar. But best day in history? Do you know how much that pisses me off as a Knicks fan? I would love one title. I don't need five. I just want to see one. I can't even do that because of the Spurs. They ruined the 99 NBA Finals for me because of how damn good they were. You can't say winning the No. 1 pick is the best day in history if you won a title in your life. This is a society with rules.