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This Camera Angle Of Ryan Mountcastle's Massive Shot Last Night Is Incredible

Nothing like hitting a bomb, not that I would know or anything. But man do home runs look sick from these behind the plate angles. This one specifically is awesome to watch. My guy here had the phone ready to go when Mountcastle stepped up to the plate late in the game and uncorked a 433 foot bomb deep into the night sky. From this angle you can really see it fly, it's gorgeous and the sound of it is *chefs kiss* perfect.  

I'm over the traditional home run angles, give me these all day. You can really see how hard and fast they're hitting the ball when the camera is back there. Now I don't recommend fans record every player from behind home plate all game, but if each team had a camera back there to see this angle it would be so cool. Would improve the replays a ton. Officially obsessed with this angle of bombs. Give it to me every night.