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After All The Aaron Judge Cheating Talk And The Managers' Petty War, Blue Jays Pitcher Jay Jackson Admits He Was Tipping His Pitches For The Whole World To See

Lance McMillan. Getty Images.

Today brings us day three of this controversial, upside down, nutjob of a series between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays. No telling where it leads to, but we start with an article in The Athletic where Toronto pitcher Jay Jackson admits he was tipping his pitches clear as day on Monday night, just like anyone with a brain thought from the first place. 

Before Jackson came to a set position, he brought his hands up near his ear as he gripped the ball. The grip, indicating which type of pitch he was about to throw, was visible to Yankees first base coach Travis Chapman, according to multiple Jays sources. Jackson, in a telephone interview Tuesday night, acknowledged he was tipping his slider, but said the timing of his delivery was more of an issue than his grip.

“If they knew it was coming and he clipped me, (then) he clipped me,” Jackson said. “I’m glad he hit it as far as he did.”

“If you’re doing things in plain sight, I think that you have to be able to correct them and you have to be willing to have the consequences be what they are,” Schneider said. “If it’s done fairly, yeah, that’s part of the game, everyone’s looking to help their teammates, everyone’s looking to pick up on tendencies, so anything that’s happening on the field in the right way, totally fair game.”

Great, so now the painfully obvious has been confirmed. Jackson was tipping, the Yankees and their staff caught onto it, Jackson then hung an awful slider over the heart of the plate, and Judge detonated on it. 

Here's the part that still bothers me and what the Blue Jays aren't understanding

He also said coaches, “shouldn’t be relaying signs.” But he added, “If I’m giving away pitches, that’s on me. I’ve got to fix that and make a better pitch 3-2 in that situation regardless. I left it middle-middle.”

Coaches shouldn't be relaying signs? That's quite literally part of the game. That's exactly what the base coaches are supposed to do. If Luis Rojas knows the tell while coaching 3rd base he's well within his right to communicate that to Judge at the plate. End of story, but unfortunately not even close. 

Before the start of the game on Tuesday the Blue Jays TV crew wanted their ace to "send a message" to Judge by basically throwing at his head. All because their own pitcher was giving away his own tell? This franchise is so lost. 

Can you imagine if they actually threw at Judge after all that? 

Well during last night's bat shit crazy game Judge came up to the plate in the 8th inning tied. Gotta imagine he was bothered the 24 hours prior with his name recklessly throw into these cheating allegations. He responded. 

448 feet is just a bold-faced lie. Maybe they're talking yards, because that thing was absolutely destroyed. It actually took out part of the Maple out in CF near the batter's eye. MVP Captain shit. Even gave a little shade to the Jays as he crossed home plate. 

The obvious lies Judge continues to tell the media after games are incredible. 


And just to recap quickly everything that went on in the game prior to the homer. We had a petty war between Schneider and Boone over their respective coaches standing outside the painted lines at 3rd and 1st base. Schneider called someone on the Yankees "fat boy" although he may have been calling Bader "frat boy" upon further review. Domingo German got tossed for having what was later described as the "stickiest hands" an umpire has ever seen under the new rules. Fucking idiot. The incoming pitcher for Domingo, Ian Hamilton got hurt. Ryan Weber had to get seven outs in a tie game and got the job done. Oh and maybe the most surprising of them all? IKF hit a home run. 

Game 3 of this series tonight with Gerrit Cole on the mound. Surely everything will be normal tonight, right?