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Ja Morant Issued An Apology Statement For His Second IG Live Gun Incident Hours After Adam Silver Blasted Him On Live TV

I guess uhh...better late than never, Ja Morant? The utter stupidity it takes to whip out a gun on Instagram Live not once, but twice in less than a single season of basketball is almost hard to wrap one's head around. 

A four-sentence cliched blurb approximately 62 hours after the latest mishap went viral? Who's working PR for this guy!? I'd have tried to get a little further out in front of that.

Then again, maybe it was a coordinated communication collaboration (ALLITERATION) between Ja and NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who had some choice words for the immature Memphis Grizzlies star prior to Tuesday's draft lottery reveal:

For Silver to be so painstakingly detailed in his account of the first conversation he had with Morant about not waving guns around on Instagram Live...and to emphasize just how hard Ja did not listen whatsoever to anything he had to say? OUCH. Then the part about the kids was quite poignant. Fuck them kids MJ jokes aside, this is serious shit.

Silver's concern about the safety factor is valid, too. I've been in two houses before where firearms were accidentally discharged. One time it was a college kid who I never met. The other time it was a military person who obviously knew how to handle a gun. Point being, bad things can happen no matter who you are when a gun is involved. A full-blown, proven 23-year-old dumbass like Ja Morant in possession of one is a disaster waiting to happen.

There ain't much else to add here, right? Talk is cheap. If Ja is serious about improving himself, spends time around slightly sharper friends and, you know, quells that unquenchable urge to whip out a pistol for all the Internet to see, maybe he has hope. Certainly not lacking in basketball talent. It's that matter between the ears that will make or break Morant.

Until then, Ja Moron. Ja Warrant. Whatever disrespectful nickname you want to throw his way, I say it's fair game. The fool me once/twice adage and all that. It's like Ja is going out of his way to prove how much of a hardo he is, when really he's clowning himself and jeopardizing his entire basketball career. Hope he gets his act together. It's just that, this feels like one of those lessons you shouldn't have to learn twice if you have any common sense whatsoever. I imagine the suspension Silver dishes out will align with that train of thought and be appropriately severe.

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