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Poor Damian Lillard. The Blazers Came AGONIZINGLY Close To Landing Victor Wembanyama

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Kind of fitting that I clack in "Lillard" on Elon Musk's Twitter search and the first couple pieces of media that pop up are about a trailer for an upcoming Blumhouse horror movie. Unfortunately, the waking nightmare of an NBA Draft lottery for the Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard was outside the realm of fiction on Tuesday eve.

Like, congrats? To the Spurs? And San Antonio? And anyone outside of that area who's a fan of the team for who knows what reason? I think we all know fellow Frenchman Tony Parker's prior affiliation with Victor Wembanyama rigged the entire lottery in the Spurs' favor, but that's neither here nor there. All you can do is peep the photoshop and weep if your team had a realistic crack at Wemby.

Dame is a superstar. We've witnessed him grind away for the Blazers and stay unreasonably loyal to an organization that continues to fail him. On the ONE NIGHT Adam Silver could've intervened and put an end to all the madness…he let San Antonio walk away with Wemby. You know, the franchise who's already drafted two legendary big men in David Robinson and Tim Duncan at No. 1 overall? Yeah. That's who the pick was rewarded to.

If you're gonna rig the NBA as so many claim it to be with how many foul calls the Lakers have gotten throughout the year, why rig it like THIS!? COME ON.

The best part about Dame is, he'd read this general take anywhere on the Internet that I'm sure a lot of people feel similarly about, dismiss it as total bullshit and tell everyone not to feel sorry for him. Not because he's super rich and all that. Because he's too proud to acknowledge how much of a kick to the nuts this is basketball-wise. He'll do everything in his being to use it as motivational fuel for self-improvement and becoming a better leader for the Blazers. That's just how much of a badass he is.

And even still…this is shitty. Throw Dame a fucking bone, Silver!!! Poor guy is tweeting wayyyyy after the lottery reveal as if it hasn't happened yet. Is he DVRing it? Too busy training to have missed the live show? Somebody tell him. Maybe he did see it and he's still stunned and shook about it. Potentially in outright denial.

You can't even make a compelling case that the Spurs were building a competitive team for the past several years, never mind this season. There was no less-interesting NBA destination for Wembanyama's transcendent, all-world talents to blossom. Now I suppose the Spurs will suddenly start attracting high-profile free agents? Sounds lit.

Whatever I'll get over it. And all is not lost, Portland fans. You get your pick of either Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller. Whichever player the Hornets don't take with the second selection. That's not the worst consolation prize in the world, yet it's not in the same galaxy as what would've happened had Wemby landed in your port.

The Spurs' roster blows. Portland actually has something to work with. I think with Scoot or Miller, they'll be in the play-in hunt next season. However, Wemby would've vaulted you into the legit top-six in a Western Conference that was wide-open as could be in 2022-23. 

Woof, Blazers. Hang in there, Dame. Or, you know…demand a traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade.

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