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We’ve Got a Full On Petty War Between The Jays and Yankees About The Coach’s Box, Someone Got Called a “Fat Boy” And Domingo German Was Tossed For Sticky Substances

We’re not even through the 4th inning here as I type this blog and so much bullshit has gone down. Let’s start from the top with the above video. We’re not even 24 hours removed from Peek-A-Boo Gate with Aaron Judge being erroneously accused of cheating by the buffoons in Toronto. Still today we’re here with the Jays dugout bitching and moaning at the Yankees 3rd base coach placement. Meanwhile they’re doing the same fucking thing because…EVERYONE DOES THIS. What team’s base coaches actually stay in the box there? No one. 


Was that Jays calling someone on the Yankees “fat boy?” The Blue Jays, a team that employs Kirk and Manoah gonna call one the Yankees players/coaches fat boy? We have left Earth. It’s possible he said “bat boy” even though that’d be weird. I’m convinced he said fat boy. 

Then while this is all attempting to blow over we’ve got Domingo German getting tossed for having a sticky substance on his hand. 

I mean did what are you doing? He already toed the line with Rosin earlier in the year. Then Scherzer actually got tossed and suspended for it. How are we still doing this? Get this guy gone. 

There’s still 2 1/2 games left in this series. How do we not get a brawl of some kind? 

Update: IKF hit a home run. Excited to see the Jays cheating accusations for this one.