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How I'd Like The Blackhawks To Weaponize All That Cap Space: Trade Wish List

I've been thinking about the Blackhawks basically every day since lottery night. I am not alone either. People in my mentions. People in my DMs. My friends texting. My dad calling. EVERYONE is buzzing about the Blackhawks. There's nothing better than the climb up and now that the Blackhawks have their cornerstone they can start building in a concrete way. A couple of weeks ago I did a blog detailing the type of player I would like to see the Blackhawks sign in Free Agency

The Blackhawks have Cap Space to spend. Cap Space to weaponize. They can use it to acquire guys that will help them insulate Bedard and build out a more competent lineup in the short-term without putting themselves in jeopardy of cap issues themselves when they'll need it in a few years to extend Bedard, Korchinski, and hopefully other prospects that prove to be incredibly valuable. 

Trades are often a part of rebuilds. In 2006, Dale Tallon added a winger with a great shot, who was hyper competitive, needed a change of scenery, and had ELITE hair. Patrick Sharp became an important leader and core member of a team that won three Stanley Cups. 

I'd like to see Davidson use that cap space to acquire a similar type of player

Giphy Images.

All you ever hear from Davidson and the hockey ops staff is skating skating skating speed speed speed. Boeser isn't the skater Patrick Sharp was, and doesn't necessarily fit that typical player profile from Davidson, but that doesn't mean he's not worth picking up. He is competitive. He can absolutely snipe. Even though he says that he doesn't want to leave Vancouver it does feel like he needs a change of scenery after a couple of tough years and Vancouver is reportedly looking to dump salary as they begin their own rebuild/retool and need new deals for Petterson, among others after next season.

Trade Proposal:

Chicago Receives: Boeser, Pick #11

Vancouver Receives: Pick #19

I am not sure just picking up the final two years of Boeser's cap hit will be enough to get this deal done to move up 8 spots. Maybe it also requires taking on Tanner Pearson's contract and giving up a later pick to sweeten it, but I wouldn't hesitate about doing either of those things. Rocky has money and the Blackhawks have almost too many picks. 

I love the idea of drafting a guy like Nate Danielson at #11. I am not an expert on these kids, obviously. I read about prospects the way I read about horses in a racing form. It's traits. Danielson ticks all of the boxes from size, compete level, two-way game, and skating. He sounds like a playoff type center. A guy you can trust. The idea of a future up the middle of Bedard-Danielson-Greene gets me VERY excited. Maybe it's a deal you don't make until the Canucks are on the clock to ensure that the Hawks can get their guy, but I'd be very intrigued about adding a top 6 wing and a future top 6 center. 

I don't know what is going on with Spencer Knight, exactly. The Blackhawks will have to do their homework. I also don't know if the Panthers have any interest in trading him. I do know that the Panthers have Bobrovsky looking like he's on his way to a Conn Smythe and signed for 3 more seasons at $10M while the Panthers also have two other players making at least $9.5M. Their draft capital is also non-existent 

Like I said…worth a few phone calls. 

Even if you're a guy who LOVES Arvid Soderblom and Commesso, you have to admit that Spencer Knight is at a different level, talent wise and still only 22 years-old. If the Panthers want to free up the $4.5M he's making over the next three years the Blackhawks should take a gamble. I spoke with his HS coach a couple years ago and he said that Knight was the most talented player he had ever coached and that guy had also coached Jonathan Quick. 

It does at least appear from this commercial that Knight is on the road to recovery from whatever was troubling him

Again, this one might be a pipe dream. No idea what a deal structure would look like, but if the opportunity to acquire a 22 year-old talent like Spencer Knight is there the Blackhawks should certainly be exploring it. 

It's going to be an exciting summer. That week from the draft to the end of free agency is going to be one of those periods where I am thankful for unlimited data. Building is the best part in some ways as a fan. Discussion, debate, hypotheticals, and hope. There's nothing better. 

Warm Bedards,