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Watch This When You're High - Robots Drawing People

Shout out to @ckilgor5 for this suggestion - 


Creepy. As. Fuck.

Especially when you consider these robots are essentially "doodling", just like we humans do, when they are "bored".

Wired- The technology is based, in part, on "a project hosted in the computing department at Goldsmiths college where we investigate the sketching activity through computational modelling," Tresset told

The rest is built from scratch, using "current research from computer vision, cognitive computing and robotics", and a hodge-podge collection of different programming languages, including Urbiscript, python and frameworks such as ROS.

Paul is joined at Tenderpixel by another sketching robot: the mood-influenced Peter. Peter simply draws out marks on a dry erase board, and then erases them, " to pass time" says Tresset. But the speed and at which it doodles and erases is dictated on its mood, which is in turn dictated by the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall.

Like his face-sketching brother, Peter has a camera that's constantly scanning the room. If it picks up activity, Peter will become excited and will start drawing quickly. If there isn't much happening, Peter will get bored and slow down. His mood swings can lead to unpredictable results, and "unexpected things".

How about we got back to only makiing robots who take commands, don't think for themselves, and don't have feelings? Like feeling "bored".

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