The Dumbest Tradition In Sports: People Assume The Vikings Are Trading Dalvin Cook Because Of Their Twitter Banner ... Seriously

Ah, the dumbest tradition in sports this day in age. I'm not talking putting playoff games on streaming channels, I'm talking about going to social media and assuming there are messages here. Actually, there might be! But the fact that we do social media breakdowns for trades are so fucking stupid. The new tradition is players finding out they are traded on Twitter and this - this being people assuming the Vikings are trading Dalvin Cook because they swapped him out of their Twitter banner. 

[Source] - It’s unclear when the adjustment occurred. One source who is paying close attention to the broader dynamics estimates that it happened two weeks ago. Another source suggested that the timing matches with last week’s schedule release. For those who have been paying close attention to Cook’s status, it’s not a surprise.

Cook has been in trade rumors basically since the Vikings season ended - most notably being traded to the Dolphins. Hey, it might happen. I just hate that we use Twitter banners as clues to it possibly happening. 

I don't mean to sound like the old guy here, but I just miss the days of looking at the bottom line of a TV to see the BREAKING NEWS banner. That or you'd get an AIM message or even *gasp* a phone call on the landline about the trade. Nothing beat the thrill of telling your friend or dad that your team did something. You felt no bigger high than breaking news to someone and shocking them. 

I need the Vikings to start fucking around all the time now. Take out Kirk Cousins and put in a random quarterback. Take out Justin Jefferson and watch your fans lose their mind. Do anything to have fun with it now because it's truly the dumbest thing in the world. Hell, trade Dalvin Cook and put up a big THANK YOU DALVIN banner.