Nick Cannon Made Personalized Mothers Day Cards But Gave Wrong One To One Baby Mama

I can't stress how funny this is to me. The running bit Nick Cannon has where he continues to have children at a reckless pace is an incredible story on its own. The fact that he has this many baby mamas and kind of makes a joke about it is fucked up, but you need more focus while doing this. You have to get some help and make sure you are color coding every single envelope. You almost need a team of people helping you, being in your ear telling you which baby mama's card is which. 

He essentially gave another team his information on another draft pick. Just feeding them ammunition for the courts. When he gave another baby mama a card about another baby mama it gave all the information that he likes the other one more. What if that card said she was the best mom out of all of them and then sees her actual card and it was way less meaningful than the last one? She basically will use that as collateral and ask for more child support because he was a moron. How do you come back from that? I also don't think he cares since he is in the double digits of baby mamas. I've only seen Nick Cannon as host but on this podcast you can tell this man doesn't give a fuck he has so many kids. What a world he lives in.