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We Broke Down ALL Of The Drama With Barstool Chicago Live On YouTube Today


There was a lot of drama that went down at Barstool Chicago HQ over the last week or so that is spillage from (legitimately) a decade of issues. Some of you may have no clue what I'm talking about when I say that, some of you might. Regardless of which side of that fence you fall on, on today's episode of The Mid Show, myself, Eddy and Chief go over the who/what/when/why/where of it all. 

It's a damn shame, because we wanted this to be done and over with when we decided to make the split from Carl last December. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. 

Listen to the episode. We hope this clears everything up. To the three of us, after this episode we officially consider the matter closed. Onward and upward 

Thanks for listening! Truly, it means the world to each and every one of us at Barstool Sports.