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We've Got The Full Trailer For 'Extraction 2' Along With Confirmation That There's A TWENTY ONE Minute One Shot Action Scene

Every promo clip of 'Extraction 2' that I watch somehow gets better and better. A month ago I blogged the one below and raved about the one shot sequence. It's fucking awesome. 

Well now we have a full trailer that features even more of that fun stuff. And you might go, enough with the trailer what is this blog? Well, you know what? Shut up and just watch the action. When it comes to action there's really not much else you can ask for here. 

It was previously reported that there was a 14 minute one shot action sequence in this movie. Well, that came out while the movie was still being made. It's now confirmed by the Russo Bros. themselves that the particular scene is TWENTY ONE minutes long. 

Honest to god I don't even know how you pull that off, but I'm excited to find out. Netflix seems to be in a sweet spot with these action films. Even though Ryan Reynolds' Underground Six wasn't the best movie ever I still enjoyed it. Army of the Dead was pretty good too with Dave Bautista. I've got plenty of faith this Extraction sequel is going to deliver and more. 

There's no telling if this is going to be Hemsworth's final movie, but it very well might be. He recently got a report back from doctors that he's at a higher risk than most to suffer from Alzheimer's later in his life. He's focusing on his family and taking a step back from making movies in the future. It's damn shame because 1) knowing you're probably gonna get that terrible disease is earth-shattering 2) he really seems to have found his Post-Thor calling as an actor here. 

One month from today you'll find me on my couch enjoying the shit out of this movie.