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Of Course Steve-O Spit A Fireball 10 Feet In The Air Before Throwing Out The First Pitch At The Padres Game

Yeah, I mean of course he did. This is Steve-O we're talking about here. You think he's just going out there, stepping on the rubber and firing a 4-seamer down the middle of the plate? I don't think so. The fact the entire ball wasn't on fire as it hit the mascot is the only shocking part here. That or the fact it was only a 10-foot fireball. Not a bad throw either! I mean it's not great, he's not on the rubber or anything like that. But it's better than some of the famous ones: 

He achieved the goal of a first pitch. Make it memorable while not launching the ball a million feet off the plate. That's the entire goal. Actually I would argue it's not even being memorable. It's the opposite. It's just getting the ball over the plate looking like a strike. That's all you want to achieve. 

Steve-O is just one of those names that anyone around my age knows. He played a vital role in our TV viewership growing up. Hell, he played a vital role in our lives growing up. If you and your idiot friends didn't think about trying one Jackass stunt, you're lying. If you caught Jackass on TV, you talked about it at the lunch table the next day. This still makes me laugh to this day: 

Good luck to the next person throwing out a first pitch.