The Court Filings on Jackson Mahomes Accuses Him of Being an Even Worse Scumbag Than We All Thought

It's stating the obvious to say that Jackson Mahomes is a creep. The living embodiment of the worst of our vapid, self-possessed, smug, attention-whoring, egomanical narcissist population, utterly lacking in self awareness. He's Tik Tok made flesh. The patron saint of glomming on to a talented sibling. A wannabe influencer, despite doing nothing that can remotely be called influential. 

But still. As much as I loathe him and everything he stands for, I for one was surprised he was a sexual assaulter.

 And this one time I'll skip all the legal qualifiers like "accused of" and "allegedly," since the replay is conclusive and confirms the call on the field. I mean, how can you see any ambiguity in that? Another side to the story? Is his lawyer supposed to argue he thought the victim was choking, so he gave her the Heimlich and CPR? That's a piece of evidence you try to get thrown out with a Motion to Surpress, and once that fails, you strike the best deal you can with the prosecutor. 

But now we've got more details. And while the assault allegations are everything you thought they were and more, Mahomes' general level of douchebaggery on the night in question sound even worse than was assumed:

Source - On Monday, Johnson County District Judge Thomas Sunderland ordered the release of a redacted copy of the police affidavit, which states Jackson “grabbed [Aspen Vaughn] by the throat, forcing her head back and kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth” three times without her consent and then told her not to tell anyone, according to a separate report from the Kansas City Star. 

Vaughn, 40, who is the owner of the Aspens Restaurant and Lounge … told police that Jackson told her he needed to speak with her in the office, located in the lower level of the restaurant — and that he closed the door once they were inside.

“He then grabbed her by the throat, forcing her head back and kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth,” the affidavit states — alleging that Jackson repeated the act two more times seconds apart. …

When Jackson left the office, Vaughn showed two servers — whom she claimed did not hear her when she called out for help — her neck, which had fresh signs of injury, according to the affidavit. 

Both employees confirmed that account to police. …

At one point, Jackson returned to the office trying to explain “what he could do for her business,” according to the affidavit, which noted Jackson has a large social media following.

Jackson was reportedly angry when he and his group of friends were eventually told to leave the restaurant. 

Additionally in the redacted affidavit, the waiter, who chose not to be identified, spoke with police on the night of the incident and said he had gone to the office on the lower level of the restaurant to retrieve his water bottle.

The waiter entered the code and was barely through the door when Jackson allegedly pushed his chest and told him not to come in, according to the affidavit — which states the waiter then told Jackson he was an employee and needed his water bottle. 

That’s when Jackson allegedly pushed the waiter a second time and told him to get out.  

Jackson later attempted to apologize, but told the waiter that he should not have to tell him twice to leave a room and that if he’s in a room in the restaurant, it is off limits.

Let's not get lost in the weeds here, because without question, the sexual assault and battery is the undisputed lede of this story. But it's also the tip of the unrepentant fuckface iceberg that is Jackson Mahomes. His asshattery runs much deeper, and that is not the least bit surprising. 

When they're not forcibly cramming their tongue in someone's mouth against their expressed wishes and leaving proof of their violence on the victim's neck, it is right out of the Garbage Famous Person's playbook to treat service workers like shit, threaten a small business, and demand special treatment. Seriously, is there a faster shorthand for expressing your worthlessness as a human than saying this to someone, unironically?:

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No decent person worthy of respect has ever uttered those words, or anything like them. And if there something worse you can say to a working person, it's some variation of "I shouldn't have to tell you twice" or "If I'm in a room in YOUR restaurant, it's off limits." My hair hurts just imagining him saying this to some overworked, underpaid servers hustling tips to pay their bills. While this little twat is hopping PJs to the Super Bowl from a private box while his infinitely more talented and likeable brother actually accomplishes things. 

The video of the assault on Aspen Vaughn is more than enough to convict. I just hope prosecutors find some way to also convict him of a criminal charge of being fucking awful. And he's sentenced to hard time of waiting tables in the prison mess hall. Because of that, Jackson Mahomes is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.