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The Big East Should Create A Basketball SuperConference If This Report Of 'Magnificent 7' Schools Potentially Leaving The ACC Comes True

I know we're sick of conference realignment, but it's not going anywhere. Not after this report about the Magnificent 7 in the ACC potentially breaking away. 

[Source] - 2. Secede from the league. Some of the schools, possibly the most frustrated lot such as FSU and Clemson, could pay the $120 million exit fee and hope they can break a grant-of-rights agreement that most attorneys—though maybe not their own—say is airtight. That then leaves a very big question: Where do they go? The SEC and Big Ten seem quite comfortable with their current membership, but potential western realignment could trigger them to expand more.

3. Create another league. If the seven agree to dissolve the current grant-of-rights agreement (we don’t know yet if this is a possibility), they may add a couple of more schools and begin their own association in hopes of it being more lucrative. This comes with its own issues, of course. You’d need a broadcast partner or private equity to fund such an endeavor. And, as one official asks, “Will it really be that much more lucrative?”

The whole premise here is these schools - especially FSU and Clemson - think they deserve more money. They don't want to evenly split revenue with schools if they don't have the same on-field performance. I know this is football based, like all of conference realignment, but why not create a basketball superconference? Jack points out the teams that would be left: 

Not going to pretend it'd be a good football conference, but it's something. I'm speaking strictly from a basketball standpoint here. Look at those teams that would join UConn, Xavier, Marquette, Nova, St. John's, Creighton, Seton Hall, Butler, Providence, Georgetown and yes, even DePaul. That would be a fucking ridiculous conference. Now, yes, I'd hate it because I want the old ACC (9 teams) and the old Big East. I also don't want the current Big East to lose their round-robin schedule. It's perfect to see every team play each other home and away. There's a true regular season champion when that happens.

But this is the next best situation. It would be brutal to lose the Duke/UNC conference rivalry, but that can still happen out of conference. Imagine the Big East Tournament with those teams. I don't know how exactly an 18-team conference tournament would work, but I'd watch the shit out of it. 

Again, like Ross says I don't know how these teams break away. You need to find a television partner. Could FSU and Clemson breakaway? Sure. I could see that. But 7 teams breaking away from the ACC would be fucking wild. I don't know how you get more people to join them considering the best options would be, you know, the schools they are leaving. You really going to take Pac-12 teams? That's pointless. But if for whatever batshit crazy reason that happens, give me the superconference. I'm a college basketball fan first and that would be best scenario for the remaining teams.