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Welcome Home To The Golden Generation: Folarin Balogun Switches His Allegiance And Will Play For The USMNT Instead Of England

There are very few things in life that we can guarantee. But I *screaming like Charles Barkley* GUARANTEEEEEEE the US will always be better than England. We don't lose to England. It goes 1776, 1950, 2010, 2022 and 2023. Sure there might be some draws but that's way more embarrassing for a place who declares it's coming home. 

Now Flo is awesome. I don't know how else to explain it. That's how good he is. He had ties to the US, England and Nigeria and basically went through a semi-recruiting period to see what country he wanted to play for. We won, duh. The 21 year old was born in New York before moving to London, currently playing for Reims in Ligue 1 on loan from Arsenal.

He's perfect for the US group. I know we joke around about the golden generation but the group we currently have is incredibly young that should have a core together for the 2026 World Cup. We saw Belgium run with a group like that and while they didn't win the World Cup, there's a path to follow here. Shit, look at this set up! 

Remember that whole bit of rosterbating from The League? Come on, you watched it. It wasn't that bad! Plus Jenny (as Clem likes to point out) helped make it better. That's basically what I'm doing looking at the possible lineups. Think about this though? That lineup doesn't even have Weston McKennie in the starting XI. You know, one of our better players and a guy I would 100% have starting. But then there's this one: 

No Weah in that Starting XI. Here's the thing. For the first time in basically forever, the USMNT has more depth than ever. There's more star power than ever. We've reached a point where not winning a Round of 16 game is actually disappointing and not 'okay out of group stage.' That's where we go into 2026. 

Obviously we still have 1) a long way until 2026 World Cup, 2) still need Flo to work out perfectly for the US in those 3 years and 3) a head coach. That's right, USMNT still doesn't have a full-time head coach. I do love the fact we brought Gooch back though. Easily one of my 5 all-time favorite USMNT players. 

But getting Flo and if he lives up to the potential, it solves one of the USMNT's biggest problems. The number 9 spot. That was the biggest weakness for us at the past World Cup. Right now you're looking at a group of Pepi (who has been awesome lately), Flo, Brandon Vazquez, Jesus Ferriera, Daryl Dike (can't stay healthy), Josh Sargent, Jordan Pefok and Haji Wright. So, yeah, big time need potentially addressed.