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Aaron Judge Is So Good At Baseball That The Blue Jays Announcers Pathetically Accused Him Of Cheating After His Second Homer Of The Night

Cole Burston. Getty Images.

Aaron Judge and the Yankees jumped all over the Blue Jays pitching Monday night in the first game of a very big series at the Rogers Centre. The reigning AL MVP blasted two homers in this one to help propel the Yankees to a 7-4 W. You'd think that would be enough for the Jays to tip their cap and move on. 


We've got pissy Toronto announcers, mainly Buck Martinez, accusing Aaron Judge of cheating. Quite possibly the biggest reach these eyes have ever seen. 

The way the Jays announcers and their desperate, pathetic fans have latched onto this I'm convinced they actually believe Judge is running an Astros level cheating scandal. Aaron Judge is a man of high character. It's more likely he was checking on a child who slipped down the stairs of the Rogers Centre and fallen than actually cheating.  

In reality I would imagine Kirk's positioning behind the plate was giving something away which allowed the Yankees first base coach to give Judge some kind of idea what was coming. Jays broadcast also said first baseman Brandon Belt wears pitchcom as well so his positioning could have been a factor here. That's on you to make sure you're not giving it away in the field that blatantly. 

Judge gave his explanation afterwards, saying he was bothered by the dugout chirping during his AB.

Shoulda gave him a little "ayyyy I'm hittin here" 

I'm gonna still lean on the side of the Jays were giving shit away and being dumb, but that's a captain-esque answer. He's not gonna admit the Jays were being obvious with their moves, but that pause and almost laugh tells me it was obvious. Again all of it very legal and part of the game, to the dismay of all the uninformed out there. 

If I were a Jays fan I'd be more worried about your "ace" Alek Manoah being broken because he can't adjust to the pitch clock. Big man issued not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven…count em' SEVEN walks tonight. 

One more time to close out the blog. Absolutely pulverized. Probably don't wanna throw that pitch over the middle next time. 

P.S. Boone's gum toss during his ejection was tremendous. Slo mo look was next level from YES