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I Sat Down With Jeff Nadu And Called Him On His Fan Belittlement And Nacho Slander

There is no NBA tonight so I don't have any live bullets tonight, but lines for tomorrow's Lakers vs. Nuggets game are out, so let's talk ball. Megan Makin' Money was starting her move today so I figured what better place for two gamblers that have a gripe talk than on Moneyshots? I pitched the sitdown to Kelly In Vegas and she was all for mediating this beef that has developed seemingly out of nowhere in the last 24 hours.

We did get to speak over the phone for a bit today on The Yak, but it's much harder to get your points across without seeing someone in person. We also had some newly discovered information that may have contradicted his entire point that was sent to me while on The Yak.

But a sit down today was needed, and while Lancaster, PA is about three full days by horse and buggy from the office, virtual was the next best option. So Nadu was somehow able to find some electricity and plug in to chat about our newly found differences. 

We discussed being a fake fan, where his allegiances do stand, and about the infamous Cetlcs moneyline betslip. Nadu also offers his perspective on gambling, rooting for teams, and the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Give it a watch here: