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The Collab We All Have Been Waiting For - MLB The Show Streamer Littlemann17 Who "Can't Escape Cedric Mullins" Finally Got To Meet Him

This is the content I am here for. We all know Littlemann17 for his viral video that went around a few years ago about Cedric Mullins. It gets a ton of play anytime the All-Star centerfielder does anything. I tweet it out, you tweet it out, a ton of people tweet it out just because it's such a great clip.


Guy was getting TORMENTED by the Cedric Mullins card in MLB The Show. The game put Littlemann17 through the wringer. It became a cult classic on twitter and everyone knew these two had to eventually meet and last night that moment finally happened. A.J. Rodriguez flew all the way to Baltimore to meet sir Ced before Monday's game and what an awesome meet up it was. 

Ced signed his jersey, stopped to chat for a little bit and they got some pictures. Pretty cool experience for both of them I'm sure. I know a ton of MLB players play MLB The Show so they know who A.J. is, and the fact that he's going viral for his reactions to getting smoked by Ced was fantastic. Love that the Orioles let this happen, but also that A.J. wanted to make it happen. It helps that he's an Angels fan and they are in town for a 4-game set, but what a cool moment for these guys. Fantastic content here from the Orioles and Littlemann17. 

And naturally Mullins went yard in front of A.J., because of course he did. 


And of course the Orioles played the clip on the big screen for all to see. Pretty good stuff by the Orioles game day production crew.