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Lil Wayne Stopped A Show After 30 Minutes Then Left Because He Didn't Think The Crowd's Energy Was Good Enough

(Source)- Lil Wayne is not tolerating spiritless crowds at his shows. On Saturday night, the "Mrs. Officer" rapper took the stage at the Wiltern in Los Angles for the last stop of his Welcome to Tha Carter tour. Only 30 minutes into the show, the rapper left the stage due to a low energy crowd.

Per HipHopDX, Lil Wayne, 40, took the stage over an hour late. Once he was on, he performed for half an hour and brought out surprise guest 2 Chainz before taking a break and giving the stage over to his Young Money artists Lil Twist, Yaj Kader and Allan Cubas. The crowd was reportedly not happy with Wayne's exit from the stage. Before Cubas could perform his second song, Wayne returned to the stage and told Cubas not to sing anymore.

"We appreciate it, but we ain't about to be bending over backwards for these folks. We work too hard for this s—. We work way too hard," the "How to Love" rapper told Cubas, per a video shared by an attendee on Twitter.

I think this is the craziest thing you can do as an artist. I feel like the crowd shows that they vibe with you by buying tickets for your show. Someone spending their money to stand there and listen to you sing your music is actually about as much as a vibe as you can get. 

Then again, Lil Wayne is so big and cool that he can also do whatever the fuck he wants. If Lil Wayne says I am not vibing with him, I would listen to him. He was kind of respectful while also telling everyone to basically fuck off, which is a testament to how cool he is.

This also proves my theory on celebrities that I have always said they can say anything at concerts and the crowd will erupt. Lil Wayne was basically saying that they were the worst crowd of all time and the audience was cheering for him. All in all this, is so fucked up because people do wait hours and hours and spend their money just to see him cancel the show halfway through. How does a show not vibe with you? If they were booing and being disrespectful, I completely understand. I would say fuck you too but hearing the crowd in the video, it didn't seem too bad.