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Ryan Whitney Wraps Up The Oilers Season - Game Notes Daily

Another tough playoff loss for the Edmonton Oilers last night and their #1 fan and former defenseman Ryan Whitney joined the show to give us his reaction.

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The Leafs bowed out of the playoffs again over the weekend, we previewed Game 7 tonight between the Dallas Stars and the Seattle Kraken and gave our picks as always! Hope you enjoy it!!

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Whitney - He's all on the Stars with Series futures, so he needs a Dallas win

Army - Hintz anytime +138, Hintz Over 1.5 pts +250, Tolvanen Over.5 point +145

Grinnell - Kraken +175, Eberle anytime goal +280 (Birthday Goal)

Migs - Captain's Call Whit - Dallas 3-way -121

Murls - Stars series (0-1), Under 6.5 -155 $EBR Rule 3, Marchment anytime goal +290, Sweden ml +100

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