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Headband Joe Burrow Is An Absolute Smoke Show...MVP Season And Super Bowl Incoming

If Joe Burrow wasn't already on you radar for some reason, NOW HE IS.

I'm sure there'll be folks out there who contend that Patrick Mahomes rocked it first and Joe just wants to be like Pat. Miss me with that. This man is gorgeous. 

Look good, feel good, play good and all that...and a little cameo from JA'MARR CHASE right here:

Best QB-WR combo in the league don't at me.

OK before it gets too weird to comment on Joey B's attractiveness, I look at the headband as more of a "meaning business" statement than anything else. Joe pulled up to get some reps in today not only with that dope-looking decoration around his dome, but this dude is YOKED.

In case anyone needs to be reminded, Joe Burrow has yet to have a normal offseason as an NFL player. Entering the league, there was all the pre-draft preparation bullshit, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Then he gets to Cincinnati, gets pummeled behind a brutally awful o-line as a rookie and obliterates his left knee (ACL, MCL, other structural damage). Months of rehab. Still comes back for Week 1 in '21. Leads a Super Bowl run. Not bad.

LAST offseason…I think people missed this. Joe didn't just get an appendectomy on July 26. His appendix ruptured. As in burst. A longer hospital stay than anticipated. Still suited up for the season opener, promptly threw four interceptions in a weird loss to the Steelers, and with the o-line still trying to jell, the Bengals wound up starting 0-2. 

What happened after that? Oh you know, went 14-2 before an agonizing three-point loss to the Chiefs at Arrowhead in the AFC Championship Game. Tough way to finish, especially being down three starting offensive linemen and a No. 1 cornerback by that point. But it's not like they had some sort of "REGRESSION" last year despite having a "brutal schedule" lolllllllllllllllllllll.

Point of this story: Joe Brrr has multiple deep playoff runs under his belt, easily the best o-line he's played behind as a professional, years of continuity and knowledge accrued of defenses, and unless some other fluky bullshit happens, he'll enter 2023 the most prepared, in-shape and healthiest he's ever been.

I'm actually impressed that the books are high on Joe and the Bengals this far in advance of the season. After today's viral footage, I can't help but think the lines are going to move even more in favor of a Burrow MVP SZN and the first-ever Super Bowl for this franchise.

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