OnlyFans Star Sobs After Getting A Tattoo With An Unfortunate Misspelling

'I've always wanted something powerful such as Angel Energy on my arm as I believe through everything I have been through to becoming the influencer I am now, I can leave a good spirit imprinted on my body,' she said. 

But despite the positive connotation, the day couldn't have gone worse and Tia claims she had the tattoo artist revise the stencil three times. 

'The size was incorrect the first time, second was the spacing and then the third it somehow swapped the other way,' she said. 

'I was not paying attention to the tattoo as I'm soft when it comes to needles and looked away the whole time.'

After seeing the end result, she 'instantly broke down in tears' and the staff apologised for the mistake.

Ah the ole misspelled word tattoo. If Ive seen it once, Ive seen it a million times. I will say I feel awful for people who this happens to because you have a permanent marker that isn't a permanent marker to remind you just how stupid you can be. 

Being a Marine, Im not stranger to bad tattoos. Hell, Kate has a tramp stamp and regrettably so do I. In my defense, I was an uber-Christian guy so I had no idea what a tramp stamp was because I went out of my way to avoid tramps. Now, I don't tramp shame as a matter of philosophy but my personal stance does not stop other people from being judgmental as hell. There's no reason to be mean to this lady simply because she had her tattoo spelled wrong.

It should produce a tattoo machine that can read the print or letters and then have Grammarly correct that shit. We need that but before we have that technology, there are options now but this process can be painful, time-consuming, and expensive as fuck. Wanting to remove a foolish tattoo? Here are your options.

  1. Laser removal: This is the most common method for tattoo removal. The laser breaks up the ink in the tattoo which makes the body ready to absorb the ink. Usually, you gotta do that in a crazy amount of sessions.

  2. Surgical removal is just cutting out the tattooed skin and stitching the surrounding skin back together. This way is typically used for smaller tattoos. Not ideal. Doing it on a large tattoo would be a sicko move. 

  3. Dermabrasion is SANDING down the top layer of skin where the tattoo is located. I dunno about you but that sounds painful and would certainly lead to emotional and physical trauma the likes of which have never been seen.

All that shit sounds terrible but not as terrible as having a terrible tattoo forever. Trust me. I know. I have a Tribal, koi, and Ronald Mcdonald on my ribs. I know bad tattoos when I see them and I see this one clearly.