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Angel Hernandez Has Umpired Just 1 Game This Year And Nobody's Said A Word About It

Angel Hernandez was an MLB Crew Chief at the start of the season but research shows he's only umpired 1 game. Somehow we've needed 7 weeks for someone to bring light to this? Just goes to show you we only pay attention to umpires when they suck. Angel Hernandez could be in a ditch somewhere and we're just coming around on it because he hasn't blown a strike 3 call in some time. 

The reality of the situation could be significantly more fucked up. Hernandez sued MLB years back for Discrimination after failing to promote him to a WS Crew Chief spot for over a decade. He came at them with heavy allegations and they wasted no time hitting back, saying he effectively ruled himself out of contention because replay shows he actually sucks: 

It would be easy to sit here and shit on the guy because he's made some awful calls and the players routinely rail on him

But there's actual substance to the departure that could make for a heavier story and it's not really clear at all what's going on. 

To me, Angel Hernandez would 100% take the victory lap around the league if he could. And hate him or not, he's earned the right and put in the time. But now he's gone and we didn't even get a press conference? 

Something is definitely up. Hopefully nothing serious healthwise because that sucks. From my perspective, I want some good old fashioned umpire drama. He's unhappy with the rule changes and wants to go back to no pitch clock. He's disappointed in new uniform restrictions. Give me something that isn't too heavy that we can have some fun with. That's the sweetspot. 

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before you do though… 

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