Andrei Kirilenko Has The Greatest Nickname In Sports History, And That's Just A Fact


Another week, another snake draft, this one featuring that bald, snaggletoothed IDIOT Marty Mush and the affable gambler known as Big Ev. 

Today we have "the best sports nicknames of all time" and because I'm the most talented snake drafter on the panel, I was able to snag the man with the greatest nickname ever in round III, Andrei Kirilenko:

Melissa Majchrzak. Getty Images.

Yep. That's Andrei Kirilenko aka AK47. 

Everything about this nickname is perfection.  The play on his initials AK. His number being 47. His nationality being Russian. The originality. Oh, and the AK47 is the most badass assault rifle in both real life any video game EVER: 

The last GIF made my loins swell. Something about a hot blonde firing off an assault rifle at a coke can a few dozen yards away. Idk what it is, but this week's snake draft is LIVE!!