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NOOOO!!! The Legend John Daly Is Forced To Withdraw From This Week's PGA Championship

This sucks. Not because John Daly would win or anything like that, but because we lose the story I look forward to every year. The moment Daly birdies an early hole and Twitter all starts to wonder if this could be the fairytale story. It never happens. Daly is never in contention. Shit, he's only finished top-20 once since his ridiculous win in 1991. Legit one of the wildest stories: 

Ninth alternate to PGA Championship winner. For sure won't see that again. I feel confident in saying that. But Daly is a staple at the PGA Championship. He plays nearly every year. He's always talk of the course, especially if he gets that early birdie. I know he didn't crack the top-100 list here by our Danny Rap but it's still Daly: 

It just felt right seeing Daly at the PGA Championship. There's the whole LIV vs PGA thing going on. There's will Rory ever win a major again. There's Scottie vs Rahm at the top. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of storylines and awesome golfers, but it's like eating that comfort meal or watching that comfort show. The one you can just put on in the background, tune out a little bit and not worry. That's Daly at the PGA Championship. 

Get healthy big John and then start hitting barefoot aces again.