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Taylor Swift Scolded Security At Lincoln Financial Field Mid-Concert For Being Too Rough With Her Fans In The Pit

Taylor is always and forever all about the FANS FIRST! At the same time, I'm laughing out loud at this. Don't make this woman stop singing Bad Blood to scream at you! Not on this, the night of her hometown concert! She's very busy and she doesn't have time to keep track of your power tripping asses. Of course, we got the perspective on Tiktok from the girl in question:

I'm not a frequent concert goer because of this exact reason - I can't stand a crowd of people bumping on me, and I can't stand the power tripping security who sometimes forgets that we're just at a concert to have fun. There isn't any foul play. This is a TAYLOR SWIFT concert. Girls are singing loud and wearing sparkly skirts...not causing a fucking ruckus and storming the stage. It turns out the security guard in question was escorted out for the duration of the show, and the group of girls he seemed to have target throughout the whole night got free tickets to Night 2 in Philly. All because Taylor noticed that they were having fun one minute, doing nothing wrong, and then being screamed at the next. NOT ON HER WATCH! EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO HAVE FUN IN TAYLOR'S HOUSE! THIS IS CHURCH!

Of course, it's now a viral sound on Tiktok and many people are saying it's going to become a "fan chant" at future shows. Whenever I get to one, I'll let you know. Better memorize it in the meantime!