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Matt Ryan Announces He's Joining CBS As An Analyst But That He's Also Somehow Not Retired

Matt Ryan announced on Monday that he has signed with CBS as an analyst — but that he also isn't retired from the NFL. I'm sure there's an opt-out in his contract if a team calls and requests Ryan's services under center, but if that's the only way he's not retired, then he's probably retired.

And that's great. Ryan will be in the Falcons Ring of Honor and, if the world is just, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in short order. I think he'll be fantastic in this analyst role, as well. If we've seen the last of Ryan in the NFL, he had an outstanding career. Everyone would talk about Ryan as one of the best quarterbacks of this generation if Kyle Shanahan, the Falcons defense and the NFL overtime rules didn't fuck him out of a Super Bowl ring.

If Ryan still wants to play, I hope he gets a shot somewhere, but there aren't really any starting jobs open at the moment and signing with CBS doesn't seem like something one would do if he was willing to be a back-up. Whatever Ryan ends up doing in 2023, he's had a Hall of Fame career and I look forward to seeing how he does on television.