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I Thought I Had Seen All The Wrinkles Of Great Bacon Egg And Cheese Sandwiches ... UNTIL TODAY

The Bacon,Egg and Cheese sandwich for all things considered might be the best of the best. It's become so well known that in circles of New York city, it's basically one word "BaconEggAndCheeseSaltPepperKetchup." It's one of those sandwiches that equally as much when eating it sober or eating it drunk. I have craved it to start off a Tuesday morning before a meeting, just as much as I have leaving a watering hole at 2am before heading home. Each time it tastes just a good. 

It's one of those sandwiches that's so perfect you don't fuck with it You order it how you order it and order it the same way every time. I order mine with just salt and pepper. Although I have given small alterations over the years here and there. On a cinnamon raisin bagel , on top of a chicken cutlet, with pepperjack cheese instead of yellow American, and with a little bit of buttle on the roll. All are nice little variations, but when it comes down to it, the classic is the way to go. 

I thought I saw all the tricks, until today when the guy in front of me ordered a Bacon Egg and Cheese on Italian Bread. 

Giphy Images.

I'm not going to say I will be ordering my sandwiches this way every time but I'm saying it's gaining steam. The Italian Bread was an unexpected but delightful addition to a sandwich I didn't think could get better. My advice to breakfast sandwich eaters everywhere … try it on Italian Bread. It's worth it.