During A Live In-The-Field Interview With Triston Casas On Mother's Day, ESPN Decided To Ask Him About His Dead Mom

Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox. Getty Images.

No one does tragedy like ESPN and last night they got their wet dream during one of their live in-the-field SNB's interviews. 

The interviews themselves are a wild concept on the surface considering you're having a conversation in the middle of play. In a split second a ball could come flying at you hit over 100 mph and you gotta switch gears to make a play. It's very impressive these guys are able to make plays while Ravech, Perez, and Cone are asking them mindless questions. They're great for the viewer, but I imagine hell for the player, despite how nice they come off as. 

Now usually these conversations are super light and thus used to bring out a guy's personality. With Triston Casas the ESPN heads went a different direction. 

How's living in Boston like? Is napping on the field before the game fun? You don't have a mom anymore, what's mother's day like? Your mom is dead, remember? That's how you draw it up folks. Textbook interviewing. 

In what world do you think it's the right time and place to ask a dude about his deceased mom there? That's the kind of question you almost cringe having to ask in any setting. Asking Casas that while he's at first base in the middle of a game is laugh out loud ridiculous. It's like the SNB producers watched the 2020 NFL Draft where dead family members became the priority of discussion and decided to take it a step further. The half second pause before the "yeah" was great. Just couldn't believe what was asked. Pure astonishment. Credit to him for handling that as well as he could, but you have to imagine if the ball came flying at him in the next half second he was gonna Buckner it. 

ESPN baby, can't make this shit up.