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Ben Simmons Had One Of The Best Trolls Of All Time During The 76ers Game Last Night

Usually people troll when you have something to back it up, but Ben Simmons just didn't give a fuck. If I was a 76ers fan I would lose my fucking mind but the fact that he claimed he needed a mental break and basically stopped playing for them makes this even better. Do we think he turned this on at the end when he saw the score or was watching the whole time? Either way great job. 

While Simmons' trolling is great here, the more important issue is that these rich bastards have no idea how to make a living room comfortable or how to place a T.V. 

This is why every rich person needs a poor person as a friend because every poor person will spend all of their money on a comfortable couch and have their sick TV positioned like a normal person. 

Let's start with the chairs because who the fuck wants those chairs facing away from the TV? It also just isn't centered whatsoever, like how do you look at that while a person is hanging it and be like wow what a perfect spot to watch some television. It is all the way on the left side of the wall like someone had to have said why are we putting it here. And lastly the TV is so far away from the couch, you know you are squinting trying to watch a basketball team, but it doesn't seem like he truly cares about anything. He hates the 76ers and the fact that Ben Simmons can take a jab at you that just means you are a joke of a franchise. 

P.S. If a TV isn't one of the main things in your life and you don't find it important in your home I never want to speak to you. That is supposed to be your favorite time of the day after doing nonsense and if it is 40 feet away and all the way to the left you just need to fix it asap. This also made me like Ben Simmons a lot more.