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Mark Jackson Thinks Doc Rivers is A Hall Of Fame Coach And I Think He Should Be Committed For That Take

During Sunday's Celtics drubbing of the Philadelphia 76ers, ABC NBA analyst Mark Jackson made a comment claiming Doc Rivers was "a future hall of fame coach".

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I know Mark Jackson is far from the end-all-be-all on things basketball, but even this is outrageous by his standards. 

We're talking about arguably the most overrated coach in sports.

One of the biggest choke artists of all time.

People forget that Rivers was on his way back to the broadcasting booth and possibly out of coaching forever back in 2007 before Danny Ainge landed Ray Allen and in turn, Kevin Garnett whose interest was piqued after the potential to be paired with him and Pierce. The year prior Rivers oversaw a Celtics 24—58 record, which was their worst in 10 years and included a franchise-record 18-game losing streak. 

Going from that mess, to a champion the next year, and a contender for the next 4 somehow changed everybody's tune on Rivers and extended his longevity all the way until today in Philly, where he was finally let go. 

(Sidebar- if you needed more confirmation that this loss is on Rivers and his sackless superstars, Kendrick Perkins came to his defense today)

This has nothing to do with the fact he blew yet another series this weekend, it's more so the fact of what exactly qualifies a coach to make the hall of fame?

The man Doc has been carried by the incredible talent he’s had throughout his career: Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Blake Griffin, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Joel Embiid, James Harden. Those are all franchise players Rivers has coached over his 24 years.

No coach has done less with more. 

One championship. 

I realize he became the 10th coach in NBA history to reach 1,000 career wins last season, which is very impressive, but again, look at the fucking talent the guy has had his entire career.

Jackson's statement on Sunday wasn't the first time he's vouched for Rivers either. Upon some research (google.com) it appears he's been banging this drum since 2020.

“He is a future Hall of Fame coach, and outstanding coach, he has done an incredible job everywhere he has been,” said Jackson, who played in the NBA 17 seasons and was the head coach of the Golden State Warriors for three. “He is a tremendous leader and [I was] obviously surprised that he was let go.”

And so has his little sidekick Jeff Van Gundy.

Van Gundy, who was an NBA head coach for 11 seasons, most recently with Houston in 2006-07, echoed Jackson’s praise.

“I think the entire basketball community was shocked,” Van Gundy said, referring to his ouster in Los Angeles. “I think Doc, over his entire career starting in Orlando and through Boston to the Clippers, has done a great job in leading his team and maximizing their talents.”

I'm really not trying to be a hater and tear a guy down who's obviously passionate about his job, loves the game of basketball, and has done a lot for the game. I'm just wondering how low the bar has been lowered for Hall of Fame purposes? If Doc Rivers is a hall of fame, than does that mean? Remember Dick Motta and Larry Costello are both not in the Hall.

p.s. - I used to think Mark Jackson got a raw fucking deal in Golden State. I thought he was a great coach who got dumped just as all the pieces came together for the Warriors and Kerr was handed the keys to the rocket ship just before it took off. But listening to him more and more over the years on telecasts has really changed my mind on him. I don't know if he says the stuff he does because he truly feels that way, or if he's trying to get a rise out of people, or if he's just best buddies with everybody in the league now, but the amount of dick sucking that goes on with him is insane. If the coaching rumors are true and Milwaukee hires him, they can kiss goodbye to Giannis finishing out his days there.