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The Oakland Athletics Are On Pace To Win 35 Games And Have A Run Differential of -588!!

It's not a new thing that the Athletics are bad. We've been talking about it for 6 weeks now, we know they're bad. But the tweet from Buster Olney yesterday reallllllly made it sink in. We're 42 games into the season and the A's are 9-33 with a run differential of -157. Not great! The next worse run differential belongs to the Royals at -60. Just incredible numbers there. 

Buster also throws out that the Athletics are on pace to finish the season as the worst team to ever be assembled. If their pace continues like this they will finish 35-127. Yes, you read that, 35-127. And their run differential is on pace to finish at -588! That is legit incredible! I can't get over those numbers. There are like 5 teams in the AL that could have 35 wins in like 2 weeks, they may not get to 35 wins all season. Mind bottlingly bad. They aren't just losing games, they're getting killed every loss. 

Who knows where they'd be without Brent Rooker, he's been fantastic. Single handily the reason they beat the Orioles in one game in their series a few weeks back. He leads the team in almost all key offensive categories, average, home runs, RBIs, OBP, second in runs, second in hits. He's just a really good player. So how many games would they have won without him? 5? 6? 

Ugly times for the Athletics this season and no real end in sight. But now I'm on history watch. We're on the march to 35 wins. Every morning you can count on me looking up that run differential, I need to see it creep up into the 500s later in the season, it's just incredibly shocking how bad they are. We could be looking at an all-time bad team here, folks. But at least the Vegas Strip awaits them!