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RIP To The Legend Doyle Brunson



Very sad night with the news of the passing of the Godfather of Poker, one of the greatest players to ever play, and one of the nicest guys in the game, Doyle Brunson. At 89 years old, Doyle has seen it all. He's been a consistent winner since the 1950's and played in the biggest games for decades on end. Shit, Doyle literally wrote the book on poker...literally. Super System changed the way holdem was played and is still the first book most poker players pick up to learn the game.

In a game where a lot of people climb to the top and then fizzle out, Doyle stayed at the top for seemingly forever. Even the genius young whippersnappers who have done all the solver work with advanced computer programs had to battle with Doyle in Bobby's Room. He stayed sharp even in his old age, just like the GOAT he is.



He will be missed by the entire poker world.