Jeff Nadu Is A Fake Fan And A Liar

Jeff Nadu worked at Barstool for a bit and specialized in college basketball. He was remote so I never really interacted with him. He lives somewhere in the Lancaster, PA area, so not exactly close, but I've seen him a half dozen times and he's been fine. Nothing good or bad to say either way. 

Nadu quit at some point for a reason I honestly cannot pin down. If it was him being squeezed out or internal issues. I honestly do not know. But a few months later he came on Barstool Yak Idol and was seemingly a good sport about things. In a game of pickup basketball, his shot was so horrendous it became a storyline. He appeared willing to laugh at himself which is almost a prerequisite for this job. 

He still lives around Lancaster so I won't see him often, but I do think some of his tweets and videos are funny. They'll get a giggle out of me now and again, but something he did pissed me off the other night. After the Knicks lost to the Heat in Game 6 and were eliminated he just posted a tweet of him laughing and giving the middle finger and with the caption "Knicks". 


Admittedly I was triggered. It was an emotional series and the Heat were the Knicks most bitter rival when I was growing up. So that series against Miami meant a little bit more. The Knicks lost in disappointing fashion so the last thing I wanted to see as the final buzzer sound off was this dude just laughing in my face. But whatever, it got interaction so good on him.

Fast forward to today and Nadu, who has Philadelphia sports allegiances and I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. I had cooled down since Friday night's Knicks loss and just thought it would be a nice jab to post the video of him laughing in reference to the 76ers laying an egg in a Game 7 in Boston.

This seemed like an easy place to hold an L with the rest of the Philadelphia fans. The ones that bleed for the City of Brotherly Love. But instead, Jeff decided to spin it in a way where he couldn't lose.


This was odd to me. BET AGAINST YOUR OWN TEAM?! This is a guy who wants to do a show called Men of Honor? That sounds like the furthest thing from it. Live for your team or die for it, right? But not if you could make a couple bucks? Puh-lease! This is PATHETIC fan behavior. It was such a wild response that I had to call him on it.

I guess "Fan" is a trigger word for a guy who is rumored to not have air conditioning in the Amish capital of the United States. He did not take kindly to that accusation and denied being a fan on any level.

That answer pissed me off more than the laughing video immediately after the Knicks loss. HOW CAN YOU PLAY BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE LIKE THIS?! 

Again, I just went into this hoping he could hold an L really quickly as a team he seems to root for just pissed down their leg in a national TV game to end their season. But he tries to wiggle out of holding an L again, so I just ask him to prove that he really bet against his team. Should be pretty easy as he lives in Pennsylvania, a Barstool Sportsbook legal state. Weird you'd brag about it and have no receipts? But he just digs himself further in this weird hole of lies.


This could've been over if he just replied, "fuck, lol" to my original tweet. But again we go another round…

Did Nadu bet the Celtics ML big? Seems odd as they were -285 straight up. As a guy who gambles, that could make sense in a parlay? But why would I take a massive favorite with A TON of juice? 

To be honest at this point, I don't give a fuck if he bet the Celtics or not. Going back and forth with this guy was like pulling teeth! His neighbor would be finished churning butter by the time he gave a straight answer. 

But then he decided to do a live stream answering some questions and criticize "Fans" in general. Everyone is seemingly a fan of something, especially at this company. So I guess his goal is to insult everyone?

In this clip he describes me as an analytical person but bashes that I'm also a Fan. Let me be clear as day about something.



Playoff losses especially stick with you. I'll never fully get over the Bucs loss to the Rams two years ago in the Divisional Round.

One thing that does bother me is pretending to not care about things. Caring about this is cool. It's what makes people unique and interesting. Nadu caring about the mob and doing a podcast on it is cool and interesting. But being a fan of teams is somehow now lame? Interesting…For a guy who claims he's not a "nacho eating, foam finger wearing 'fan'", he certainly seems to talk like a fan sometimes.

But maybe he's just a fan of the Eagles?


Or the Yankees?

I don't fucking know. You can never really get a straight answer out of this dude and everything he says to me is now phony bologna.