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There Seems To Be No Evidence That Stetson Bennett Graduated From The University Of Georgia, Despite Being In College Since 2017

This was the tweet that started it all a few days ago. An Alabama fan tweeted this simply-can't-be-true claim that Stetson Bennett, the recently departed 25-year-old Georgia quarterback, never actually received a degree in his seven years of college.

I was sure this was some sort of bit. Not graduating from college in four years is a mistake; not doing so in seven is a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.

It seems, though, that it's true. Bennett never had an SEC graduate patch on his jersey during his time at UGA and wasn't listed in this spring's commencement, either. He somehow made it through seven years of college without amassing the requisite amount of credits for a degree.

I'm not even mad, I'm thoroughly impressed. I'm sure the UGA football team's academic advisors are cutting a couple corners here and there, but to keep your 25-year-old quarterback eligible despite the fact he was seemingly not attending a single class of his entire college career is truly remarkable. It takes buy-in from every person in the program to win back-to-back titles, I guess.

I'd pay entirely too much money for a behind-the-scenes documentary of what Bennett's days looked like the past couple years. This guy was running around campus at 25 years old with neither a college degree nor a care in the world. That's the dream if I've ever heard it.

Bennett should have left Georgia with a Ph.D. for all the years of free school he received and instead found a way to make it seven years without a bachelor's degree. Legendary stuff.