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Not On Our Watch: Espanyol Fans Stormed The Field To Fight Barcelona Players For Having The Audacity To Celebrate Winning La Liga

The story here isn't Barcelona winning La Liga for the first time in 4 years. That's great and all. Oh no, it's the fact that they were chased off the fiel...ahem, pitch ... by Espanyol fans. 


You may be wondering why are they so mad? The answer is simple. Don't you fucking celebrate winning the league title in front of them. That's especially true if you're a rival. I know, I know. Don't invade fields and try to fight players. But, hey, you're getting mocked right on your field. You're telling me emotions don't take over? We're talking about fans here, something everyone is. You can try to lie about it or hide about it, but everyone is a fan at heart. You see your team lose and you have a variety of feelings, which can include:

1. Sadness. You just want to cry. Understandable. It's one of the 6-7 times I ever allow myself to cry if I have to. 

2. Anger. You just need to hit something. 

3. Despair. The feeling that you're never going to experience sports happiness. 

4. Excitement because you won a bet on a massive favorite as your team....you know what, forget this one. 


Oh and to make matters worse, Espanyol is currently in relegation territory. So your rival is out here celebrating the title as you're about to go down. Gross. Real quick though, Barcelona needs a better celebration than ring around the rosie look. Mix it up a little. I know they are Barcelona, but they also look like my 3-year old pre school's class. 

Welcome to soccer though. Barcelona will think twice about celebrating during an away game again.