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The Celtics Are 22-4 since 2019 When Celtics Fan Eric Lewis Refs...And He is Reffing Game 7 Today!

I saw a bunch of stuff on Twitter about this guy reffing because everyone already knows Scott Foster is shady and James Harden is like 1-14 when he refs. There are so many different refs, so why are we putting this guy on one of the biggest games of the season? This all came up because he is the one that missed a clear foul against Tatum when LeBron was going to win the game in January...but as a Celtics fan he missed the call. 

As a Celtics fan this is something you just don't want to see during a game 7. The guy is a Celtics fan!

It's kind of crazy we just let this happen especially after the Tim Donaghy scandal. People are asking if the NBA is fixed and at this point they might just be telling us straight to our faces. If the Celtics win tonight and I see some shady calls I will be filing a complaint.