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The Grizzlies Have Suspended Ja Morant From All Team Activities For Once Again Appearing To Flash A Gun On Instagram, But I Think The Better Punishment Would Be To Make Him ATTEND All Team Activities

"Is this the old report or the new report - Mike Francesa" - Clem

Damn man. Ja Morant allllllmost made it two full months without being suspended for an Instagram video with a gun in it.

I cannot fathom what would make an NBA player flash a piece on Instagram once let alone twice. Maybe that's why I never made it to the Association. Yeah, that must be it.

Giphy Images.

Anyway, I know the Grizzlies felt like they had to do SOMETHING to Ja as they investigate whether or not the person who looks exactly like Ja was holding a gun exactly like Ja did two months ago. But I don't think the punishment fits the crime. Suspending him from ALL team activities feels like a reward in the offseason, no? Missing games and practices probably kill a competitive dude like Ja. But getting to hang out at home instead of attending offseason workouts or meet & greets with fans seems like a dream. 

If anything, the Grizzlies should force Ja to ATTEND all team activities this offseason. I'm not just talking about training activities either. I'm talking about going to street fairs with the halftime hype team to shoot the t-shirt cannon throw t-shirts to the crowd, manning the Grizzlies ticket sales table at live events, signing autographs during Summer League games (with lines that would be a zillion people long full of adult memorabilia collectors looking to me Ja), and attending all the corporate team building meetups like the one Feits blogged about here.

Then, and only then, will Ja Morant think twice about grabbing the closest gun to him as a camera beams his video to thousands of live viewers. Or not, I don't know. Some people are just super horny for guns. I'd throw some more jokes into this blog but I gotta save them in case Ja gets suspended for the same shit a third time. Everyone have a great Mother's Day!


P.S. I think Papa Morant needs to make a Redemption II shirt