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KSI Was Bragging About His Boxing Win Last Night And Called Out Tommy Fury Even Though He Illegally Elbowed His Opponent To Knock Him Out

If you don't know KSI you live under a rock and I can't explain his whole backstory to you. He is technically probably the 2nd best influencer boxer with his end goal of fighting Jake Paul. Last night he had a big fight in London and he fails to ever acknowledge how controversial the ending of the fight was. In his tweet you see he just says out boxed, outclassed in every department but this is how the fight ended.  

In the replay, you can clearly see he elbowed him straight in the face and the ref didn't say a word. I feel like KSI doesn't know about instant replay and didn't take a look at it because that is clear as day. You can't say you won that fight and if they are an actually real boxing refs they will look at that and say it is a DQ. You simply just can't do that and this is the reaction of the fighter who got knocked out after. 

You have to give it to this guy. He just poured it on being like "I came on here to teach kids how to do the right thing" and he should keep pouring it on. Meanwhile KSI acted like everything happened to fast to know what he actually did.

You just can't celebrate a win when you clearly elbow a guy in boxing and tell everyone you are the best boxer and never lose. He probably will get a DQ and if he doesn't, it is because it is his event since it's company where he pays everyone.