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UMP SHOW!!! Diamondbacks Christian Walker Gets Ejected For...Clapping. Just Clapping His Hands.


Fuck yes. Sometimes I think Ump Show blogs/videos get redundant and then I see a new one and I smile from ear to ear. Umps making it all about themselves never gets old. It's always a new and creative way to make an unnecessary impact in a close game, and this one was one of a kind. Ejecting Christian Walker for clapping is a level of Ump Show we rarely see. Usually at least there's a few words exchanged, but not here. A heave ho for him applauding the correct call being made. I love it.

Now the full context is he struck out the inning before on a check swing and was none too pleased about it, so when the correct call was made an inning later, the ump took his clapping as disrespectful. Poor lil Ump's feeling were hurt! 

What's always been crazy to me is one ump can make an ejection call and radically change the game based on his soft feelings and none of the other umps can step in and be like "ok hold on buddy, relax for a second". 

I also love in hockey when we get the mic'd up videos, every clip is a player relentlessly chirping the ref, but in baseball if you glance a the umpire wrong you're hitting the showers. In a weird way I like it because Ump Shows help keep baseball unique. That, and the fact home plate umpires are simply terrible.



And people want robot umps? Please.