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A Genius Barstool Sports Book Bettor Took The Lakers 30/1 To Win The Championship And All They Have To Do Is Beat The Lame Ass Nuggets To Get There

People laughed at me when I told them that the Lakers would compete to win a championship this year. When you look at the makeup of their team they matchup great against anyone and they are cruising through this playoffs. They have played that best teams so far and advanced with relative ease. And what's better is LeBron doesn't have to be the best player on the court. Someone different will take over each game, and it is way harder to defend that than say a team like the Nuggets. 

The Nuggets play a two man game with Murray and Jokic. Anthony Davis is one of the best defenders in the NBA and he will lock down that big bag of milk Jokic in two seconds. It is so funny to see the goal posts be pushed back for LeBron because so many people were like "if he loses to Steph that will ruin his career and Steph will own him". If the Lakers lost last night do you think he gets a post like this. 

LeBron has taken a new team that he has barely played with all year and beat the Grizzlies and the Warriors. Now all I am hearing is that the Nuggets will beat them easily. All of you need to appreciate greatness and watch the Lakers beat the Nuggets in 6 and this genius bettor wins some good money when they stomp out the East. Just respect LeBron and Martin Mush the mystery bettor who is the only one who believed in the Los Angeles Lakers.